Wondaree Macadamia's - Sour Cream 80g

Wondaree Macadamia's - Sour Cream 80g

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Inspired by the savoury staple, this range is roasted in a mix of chives, sour cream and herbs to carry those classic flavours.

Macadamias contain no cholesterol, they have a very high proportion of monounsaturated fat, Vitamin B1, manganese and copper.

Research* has shown that macadamias can help lower blood cholesterol levels 

Research* has shown that macadamias may reduce the incidence of heart disease

High in fibre

Very high proportion of monounsaturated fat

No cholesterol

Contain vitamins, minerals and protein essential
in a healthy diet

AND they taste great, too!


Interesting bits:

- Made in Atherton Tablelands using cultural practices, organics, "intergrated pest management" and bio-control schemes"

- 100% Natural

- Vegan 

- Gluten free


The only Queensland macadamia producer that grows and packs macadamia nuts!