Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate - Zesty Ginger

Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate - Zesty Ginger

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Only carefully selected, certified organic and natural ingredients make the cut.

Just one bottle of organic soda mix makes around 15 of your favourite drinks.

Certified organic, Less than 1g Sugar per serve, 1 Billion + Probiotics!

The root of all goodness.

This organic ginger kombucha concentrate is traditionally brewed in small batches over 45 days. The Soda Press Co then apply an innovative cold-fill, in-vessel, passive pasteurising technique, with probiotic top-ups at the end to ensure a quality shelf-stable kombucha.

Flavour Notes

Organic Ginger and Yuzu to deliver a little zest and zing to your day.

Just add sparkling water from your SodaStream to the Soda Press Cola mix and enjoy!

Now you can enjoy artificial free, reduced sugar sodas, cocktails, slushies, popsicles, over ice-cream and more.



Organic Kombucha Tea (92.75%) (Purified Water , Organic Sugar , Organic Assam Black Tea , Organic Live Kombucha Cultures) ,Organic Ginger Juice (5.2%) , Food Acid (Citric Acid) , Natural Flavour , Yuzu Extract ,Probiotic Cultures (Bc Unique - Bacillus Coagulans) .

Energy: 12kj per 100ml can

Sugar: 0.1g per 100ml 

Contains Naturally Occurring Caffeine.
Allergens: None.
Gluten: None.

ACO Certified organic