Sobah Wattleseed Gold GF Ale -Non Alcoholic Craft Beer

Sobah Wattleseed Gold GF Ale -Non Alcoholic Craft Beer

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Sobah are breaking down the stigma of socialising sober. You can enjoy a unique tasting non-alcoholic craft beer when out with mates. Sobah really is the truly social drink.

This summer Sobah is offering a GLUTEN-FREE version of our popular Wattleseed Gold. This brew takes on a classic Australian style beer paired with roasted wattleseed which has a savoury nutty, roasted coffee aroma, with touches of sweet spice, raisins and chocolate.

Sobah ethically sources the best quality native ingredients!

 Ingredients: filtered water, hops, sorghum, wattleseed, yeast

Interesting bits

- From the Gold Coast, Queensland

- Infused with Australian bush tucker


- Less than 05% ABV

- Gluten Free

- Vegan Friendly

- Chemical and Preservative free

- Low intervention

- Serve chilled 


Ingredients: filtered water, hops, barley, Lemon Aspen, yeast

Made on the Gold Coast, QLD