Proper Crisps -Dill Pickle with Apple Cider Vinegar 140g

Proper Crisps -Dill Pickle with Apple Cider Vinegar 140g

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Organic Potatoes with Marlborough Sea Salt in a home compostable bag! Whats not to love!

Hand cooked in small batches using high Oleic Sunflower oil.

High Oleic oil has been shown to lowerLDL cholesterol (the bad kind)  without lowering HDL Cholesterol (the good kind).  When LDL cholesterol goes down, so do the risks of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.

100% NZ made bag, with oil from Canterbury, Salt from Marlborough and potatoes from local NZ Farms.  

Once the last morsel has been devoured, simply pop the packet in your garden compost and it will naturally decompose! How fantastic is that!


Interesting bits:

- Made in New Zealand from all local ingredients

- Home compostable bag

- 100% Natural

- Vegan 

- Gluten and Dairy free

- GMO free

Ingredients:  Potatoes, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt. That's all!

Serving size 40g - 860kj and 1.1g sugar