Plus & Minus - Prosecco 250ml Can

Plus & Minus - Prosecco 250ml Can

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It’s a Plus + for Antioxidants and a minus - for Alcohol! 

Now your favourite non alcohol Prosecco comes in handy, take anywhere cans!

The Plus & Minus range are fuller-flavoured zero alcohol wines that are richer in antioxidants, without the use of any artificial sweeteners to support the growth in healthier lifestyle choices.

With the addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process.  GSE is rich in natural occurring antioxidants delivering more of the benefits that can already be found in red wine without the alcohol.

The Plus & Minus Prosecco is  made with Glera grapes from  South Australia by winemaker, Corey Ryan.

Tasting Note: A profusion of citrus and just-cut apple on the nose. A softly effervescent palate that delivers a firm weight with great fruit flavour. Perfect for any occasion with a touch of sweet fruit and a cleansing acidity on the finish. Chill well and serve as an aperitif or with a variety of cuisines.

Interesting bits

- Region: Australia

- Grape Variety: Glera

- plus Grape Skin Extract (GSE) - for added antioxidants

- Made by Winemaker: Corey Ryan

- 3.5g sugar per 100ml

- no artificial sweetners

- 0% Alcohol

- Energy : 68kj per 100ml

Ingredients: De-alcoholised wine, grape skin extract, contains sulphites

Zero Alcohol made by winemakers