Plus & Minus Premium Shiraz 2021

Plus & Minus Premium Shiraz 2021

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It’s a Plus + for Antioxidants and a minus - for Alcohol!

The new premium range for Plus & Minus are the best tasting zero alcohol wines available.  Thanks to groundbreaking technology, the alcohol is removed via a ultra-membrane filter, ensuring a gentler process that helps retain the wine's vibrancy and flavours. 

The Plus & Minus range are fuller-flavoured zero alcohol wines that are richer in antioxidants to support the growth in healthier lifestyle choices.

These zero alcohol wines have been hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners but do see the addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process.

Made with Shiraz grapes from the Barossa Valley, South Australia by winemaker, Corey Ryan.

Shiraz grapes including skins (resveratrol) plus grape skin extract (GSE) which makes this wine even richer in antioxidants

Vintage 2021: One of the best vintages in the last decade for the Barossa Valley.  Good rainfall over winter ensured the soil retained moisture over the early part of the growing season.  A warm but not ridiculously hot summer followed with dry conditions ensuring an even ripening all the way up to harvest - a vintage that will be celebrated in the region.

Tasting Note: Old vine Barossa Shiraz aged in barres ensures the base materials for the zero-alcohol wine are as good as it gets.  Captivating black fruit aromas on the nose with chocolate and a toasty oak influence with considerable body and integrated tannins.

Interesting bits

- Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

- Grape Variety: 100% Shiraz

- plus Grape Skin Extract (GSE) - for added antioxidants

- Made by Winemaker: Corey Ryan

- 4.5g sugar per 100ml

- no artificial sweetners

- Energy : 119kj per 100ml

- 0% Alcohol

- Vegan Friendly

Ingredients: De-alcoholised wine, grape skin extract, contains sulphites

Zero Alcohol - made by winemakers