Parc Pils Non-Alc Beer

Parc Pils Non-Alc Beer

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Parc Pils is a non alcoholic beer made by the amazing team at Monceau.

Brewed Czech style, its crisp, clean and refreshingly bitter.

Brewed just like full strength beer using a special yeast that naturally makes a delicious beer without alcohol , chemicals , additives or preservatives.  

Brewed with the highest quality Carapils and Munich Malts, fresh Saaz hops and bursting with aroma.

Natural and local ingredients - low alcohol and low sugar.

You can enjoy an ice-cold Parc any where, any time!


Interesting bits

- 100% Australian made

- <1g of Protein, 5.3g carbohydrate, <1g sugar per serve (375ml)

- 232kj per serving(375ml)

- Less than 05% ABV

- Naturally brewed with no additives or preservatives.

- Low Intervention

- Serve chilled