NON 3 Toasted Cinnamon + Yuzu

NON 3 Toasted Cinnamon + Yuzu

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NON is a non-alcoholic wine alternative, made in Melbourne by founder, Aaron Trotman

The ingredients are the highlighted heros, often included in fine dining menu's.

The ingredients are roasted, toasted, stewed , macerated, steeped and brewed to build layers of flavour and depth.

NON 3 is tart with a subtle, warming spice and a bitter finish - is it an infusion blend, it is still, not sparkling.

Ingredients : Japanese Yuzu, Valencia Oranges, Sri Lankin Cinnamon, Murray River Salt, Organic Cane Sugar, Verjus, Filtered Water

Servings per bottle : 5

Serving Size : 150ML

Energy:  168 KJ per serve

Sugar:  8.4g per serve