No No Non-Alc Rosé                      Barossa Wine Cartel 750ml

No No Non-Alc Rosé Barossa Wine Cartel 750ml

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This non-alc Rosé is made out of 50 year old Semillon from Vine Vale in the heart of the Barossa Valley and 50 year old, dry grown Riesling from Greenock

The grapes are pressed and the juice  chilled, settled and filtered. At this stage it is known as Verjus (early picked grape juice). then added Adelaide Hills Cherry Juice from the Ceravolo family, who supply Ashton Valley Fresh. The Cherry Juice adds colour, flavour and tannin to the Rosé. 

Murray River Salt was added to add weight to the palate and help soften the acid and dull down the sweetness of the grape juice and cherry juice. Murray River salt is removed from ancient saline waters sourced from underground aquifers that would otherwise end up in the River Murray.

To balance the Rosé, Adelaide Hills Spring Water was added and a small amount of dissolved carbon dioxide was added at bottling to give the Rosé a slight spritz on the palate.

Smells like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon and red apples.

Tastes like watermelon and pink grapefruit, and has a nice creaminess at the finish. It starts off sweet and ends up with the acid balancing the sugar. The salt also helps to smooth out the back of the palate and add length. Some spritz in the glass adds freshness and makes it nice and playful on the palate.

INGREDIENTS- Barossa Valley Semillon, Barossa Valley Riesling, Adelaide Hills Spring Water, Adelaide Hills Cherry Juice and Murray River Salt.

REGION- Barossa Valley

SUBREGIONS- Vine Vale and Greenock

ALC/VOL- less than 0.5%