Mischief Brew Quandong Soda 4 x 250ml

Mischief Brew Quandong Soda 4 x 250ml

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Small Batch, all natural, hand crafted soda from the team at Mischief Brew in Adelaide, SA.

Way less sugar than your standard soda, nothing artificial and bloody delicious.

All hand picked small batch beverage that comes from true connection with the land, ingredient & community.  Every Quandong used to create the Quandong Soda has been handpicked & peeled from Quandongs grown on Adnamatna Yarta.

White Aspen & Strawberry Gum are also used to balance the jammy sweetness & tart sourness that makes this soda so damn tasty!

4 cans per pack


Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, all natural flavours, Quandong, White Aspen, Strawberry gum, organic raspberry powder

Energy: 486kj per 250ml can

Sugar: 16.2g per 250ml can