Pyewacket's Traditional - Mango Lime Jalepeno Shrub

Pyewacket's Traditional - Mango Lime Jalepeno Shrub

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Great in soda served with you favourite garnishes or for the lovers of agave spirits- this shrub was designed to be the perfect complement. The Mango smoothes the smokey qualities of mezcal. Lime brightens the piquant nature of tequila. Fresh jalapeno for warmth and base.

Sweet, earthy and full of tang- shrubs are an excellent source of vitamins, probiotics, support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar. Pyewackets make their shrubs the traditional way, by preserving their nutritional and probiotic quality, keeping them raw and unpasteurised.

While their acidic nature makes them stable for shorter periods - we suggest you pop them in the fridge when they arrive to extend shelf life and preserve flavour.



Interesting bits:

- Made in Lismore, NSW

- Handcrafted

using organic, homegrown or ethically foraged herbs, roots and fruits
- traditionally fermented
- fresh cold pressed fruit

contain no flavourings, colours or sugar. Just Plants.

- Raw and unpasteurised

- 6.0g sugar per serve (35ml)

- Energy: 116kg per serve (35ml)

Use 35ml of Shrub to 200ml of sparkling water


Ingredients:  Cold pressed Lime, Fresh Mango, raw organic apple cider vinegar, raw sugar, Fresh jalapeño peppers