PS Soda - Light Cacao Soda x Meltdown Artisan

PS Soda - Light Cacao Soda x Meltdown Artisan

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Combining Australian & Japanese ingredients - a delicious sparkling green tea, spiced with nutty flavour of wattle seeds and the creaminess of cacao butter and a touch of Kabosu citrus to balance on the palate. Surprisingly refreshing.


Interesting bits:

- made in Sydney, Australia

Limited Edition

- All natural

- Handmade

- 6.7g sugar per 100ml

- Energy: 119kj /28 kcal per 100ml

- no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or preservatives

- 0% Alcohol

- Vegan


Ingredients Sugar, cacao butter, wattleseed, kabosu, citric acid, malic acid, matcha powder and potassium sorbate. 

May contain traces of nuts, seeds, gluten, eggs & soy.