Nice Pickles - Jerk Beans 500g

Nice Pickles - Jerk Beans 500g

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Spicy, pickled green beans

The sweet & tangy brine is rounded out with thyme, garlic, allspice & black peppercorns, followed up with a massive spike of habanero chilies. 

Jerk Beans are perfect straight out of the jar with a glass of your favourite ale. But we also love them in a grilled cheese toastie or as a side to bbq meats. They add a fiery kick to a Bloody Mary!


Interesting bits:

- Made in Adelaide, South Australia

- Low intervention

- Vegan

- 0% Alcohol

Ingredients: Green Beans, Brine (Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Salt, Garlic), Chilli, spices

Serving size 25g: 44kj energy and 1.7g sugar