Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

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Beer without the Hangover!

4 mates, all with their own reasons for wanting to reduce their alcohol intake, created Heaps Normal in 2019.

They wanted to create a non alcoholic beer that tastes so good that you wont miss the alcohol.  Heaps Normal is brewed for people who love a beer but want to drink less.  A delicious, refreshing non alcoholic, full flavoured XPA beer. 

Unfiltered with a balance of sweetness and bitterness, tropical and citrus aroma with a beer finish.

Alcohol free beer that tastes as good as your regular beer - trade the standard drink for a new standard drink.


Interesting bits

- Brewed in Brick Lane, Victoria

- 2.3g of Protein, 19.1g carbohydrate, <1g sugar per serve (355ml)

- 405kj per serven(355ml)

- Less than 05% ABV

- Naturally brewed with no additives or preservatives.

- Vegan

- Low Intervention, unfiltered

- Serve chilled 


Hops: Cascade, Kohatu, Simcoe

Malt: Pale, Wheat, Caramel