Good Happy Cacao Vanilla Kombucha 330ml

Good Happy Cacao Vanilla Kombucha 330ml

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Good Happy Cacao Vanilla Kombucha grants energy, immunity and when your smiling, good fortune!

Cacao, Chaga, Reishi, Vanilla... 

Cacao, packed with antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper and selenium.

Vanilla, rich in antioxidants, Chaga for immunity and energy and Reishi for health and longivity

Naturally fermented probiotic in beautiful Mullumbimby - no added preservatives, raw, unpasteurised, 100% vegan, Gluten free with no weird sweeteners.

100% Natural ingredients, Organic were possible, Spray free were plausible

Ingredients: Cacao*, Vanilla extract (from vanilla beans),  Reishi*, wild crafted Siberian chaga,  filtered water, raw sugar*,  Green tea*, oolong tea (spray free), kombucha culture (*certified organic)

Energy: 89kj per 100ml, 2.8g sugar per 100ml

Contains a trace amount of alcohol as a by-product of fermentation, less than 0.5% at time of bottling