Monceau Fuji Apple (Pét-Nat Kombucha)

Monceau Fuji Apple (Pét-Nat Kombucha)

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Monceau is brewed in Melbourne, using organic ingredients and in the same methods Pet Nat winemaking, low intervention, natural fermentations.


Pétillant-Naturel means natural sparkling - the fermentation is interrupted and the drink is bottled and then continues to ferment in the bottle, using no sweetness, artificial carbonation or preservatives.

No two drinks are the same because fermentation continues after the bottle is sealed.  Sediment may be noted in the bottle - this is safe and healthy for consumption.

Apples from West Gippsland in Victoria, these apples have milder tannin and acidity levels, with a healthy sweetness that drives fermentation.  The flavour changes with the season and depending on the apples sourced.

Born out of a passion for low intervention, natural ferments,no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or preservatives. 
Interesting bits:

- made in Melbourne, Australia

- low intervention

- Natural fermentation, 2nd fermentation in the bottle

- 4.4g sugar per serve (250ml)

- 169kg per serve (250ml)

- no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or preservatives

- less than 1% ABV
Ingredients: raw Kombucha (pure water, sugar*, wild kombucha culture, organic black tea), fuji apple juice * sugar and apple juice sugars are consumed by the kombucha culture