East Forged, White Tea and Calamansi

East Forged, White Tea and Calamansi

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Organic white tea from China's Fujian Province is grown with minimal intervention and dried indoors to enhance an elegant flavour.  White tea is the least processed of all teas.

White tea is cold brewed with Calamansi and nitrogen - giving it a fresh taste with a touch of spice.

Calamansi belongs to the same family as the Cumquat - also known as the Philippine lime, thou it is not a lime.  The flavour is like a sweet lime, zesty and tangy!

Interesting bits:

- Made in Sydney, Australia 

- No added sugar, artificial colours or flavours

- Low in calories

- Low intervention

- Vegan

- 0% Alcohol

Ingredients: lightly carbonated 12 hr cold brewed white tea, natural calamansi juice, potassium sorbate, nitrogen.

250ml cans - 12.5kj and  0.3g sugar

Shake that can of East Forged Brew before you open it to create the silky micro foam and the visual experience.