PS Soda - Backstrap Ginger

PS Soda - Backstrap Ginger

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This non-alcoholic ginger beer is rich, spicy and citrusy.

Made with Australian ginger, pimento, blackstrap molasses (byproduct of sugar manufacture), citrus, Murray River salt and cane sugar. 

Made from at least 95% Australian ingredients

Interesting bits:

- made in Sydney, Australia

- All Natural

- Handmade

- 24.3g sugar per serve (330ml)

- Energy: 425kj /102 kcal per serve (330ml)

- no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or preservatives

- 0% Alcohol

- Vegan


Water, sugar, Australian ginger, lemon juice, blackstrap molasses, citric acid, malic acid, allspice, Murray River salt, potassium sorbate.

May contain traces of gluten, nuts, seeds and soy.

 330ml bottle.