Altina Le Blanc 750ml

Altina Le Blanc 750ml

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Altina Le Blanc - Elegant White Bubbles

Altina's carefully created botanicals are cold-extracted for 36 hours, then expertly blended into a complex, wonderfully refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

A crisp style bubbles, the bouquet is a burst of Australian Forestberry and tart Apple with  delicate tannins of Green Tea and the nuttiness of native Wattleseed.  The finish delivers a refreshing and balanced acidity that gently lingers with the subtle warmth of Cayenne Pepper.

Serve ice cold in a sparkling wine glass. Perfect drinking when you want to relax at the end of the day.


Australian made and owned - Natural and Native Ingredients 

No Added Sugar - Vegan - Gluten Free

Key Ingredients:

Native Forestberry, Native roasted Wattleseed, tart Apple, Cayenne Pepper, organic Green Tea.

Energy - 216kj per 250ml serve

Sugar - 5g per serve