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Monday Distillery is a new age beverage company based in Geelong, Victoria.

Monday Distillery offers  sophisticated, non-alcoholic, sugar-free options you can have a good time, love what you drink and love yourself the next day too.

The range includes:

Classic G&T - traditional mix of ginteresting botanicals, sprinkle in some rosemary, seasalt and other tonic tidbits

Exotic Spice G&T - traditional mix of gindulgent botanicals, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices then finish with a tonic twist.

Dark & Stormy - blend fiery ginger beer and lime with spiced-rum flavours

Paloma - blend grapefruit soda, yuzu citrus and non-alc tequila

Dram Sour - blend a dram of smokey malt taste with native Kakadu plum

Dram & Dry - blend a dram of smokey malt flavour with mellow dry ginger zing

Non-alcoholic. Sugar free. Forever tasteful.

  • Refreshing carbonated taste
  • Alcohol, sugar and gluten free
  • No artificial additives or flavours
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia but only a little bit
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