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Lyre's is a range of non-alcoholic sprits to provide an alternative to those who do not wish to consume alcohol.

Lyres spirits are crafted to taste like the classics with all natural essences, extracts and distillates from the four corners of the globe.

Almost any cocktail you can imagine can be recreated and enjoyed in a non alcoholic fashion using the Lyres range.

The current range includes

Dry London Gin (best seller)

Italian Orange (Gold medal)

American Malt (Best Seller)

Italian Spritz (New)

White Cane Spirit

Amaretti (gold Medal)

Dark Cane spirit (Gold Medal)

Coffee Originale (Silver Medal)

Spiced Cane Spirit (Silver Medal)

Aperitif Dry (Silver Medal)

Orange Sec

Aperitif Rosso (Gold Medal)



Negroni Set - Mix together our delicious Lyre’s London Dry, Italian Orange and Apéritif Rosso

Boulevardier Set - Take a Negroni, swap the gin for a generous splash of American Malt and you my good sir, are ready for an evening saunter down this most bodacious of boulevards. 

Mai Tai Set - Orange Sec, Dark Cane Spirit, White cane Spirit

Espresso Martini - Coffee Originale and White Cane Spirit

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