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East Forged - Nitro infused cold-brew tea

An adult drinking experience with a real tea flavour, fruity aroma and frothy finish!

It looks like a cold beer but tastes like a tea!

The pure leaf teas are cold-brewed in a craft brewery, carbonated,  complemented with real fruits and charged with nitrogen bubbles to make a sparkling-smooth, refreshing beverage.

The tea is cold brewed - a gentle, minimal intervention process where the loose tea infuses for 12 hours  in cold water.

Nitrogen has been used in the wine and beer industry for along time.  The nitrogen bubbles are smaller than C02 bubbles which is normally used to create fizz in beverages.  When the brew is dispersed from the tin, the nitrogen creates a creamy head like a beer, of very fine bubbles.

Shake that can of East Forged Brew before you open it to create the silky micro foam and the visual experience.

East Forged brews include naturally occurring sugars from fruits but do not contain any added sugar.

The Brews are produced from the camellia Sinensis plant and naturally contain caffeine.  The caffeine levels are low - about half the caffeine level of a 30ml espresso.

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