De-alcoholised wine…. Why?

The world of non alcoholic beverages is expanding and is a future trend that is building slowly but surely.

A growing number of people are choosing to reduce their alcohol intake for various reasons – the health conscious as generally lower calories, the practical so they can drive home, health reasons including pregnancy or religious reasons, just to name a few. 

De-alcoholised wine is good news for the health conscious, who enjoy the ritual and flavor of drinking wine while reducing the alcohol intake. Australians love having a wine with friends or a few beers after work, and non alcoholic choices enable you to still have the social ritual without the alcohol.

Plus & Minus wines are made by winemakers in the same way an alcoholic wine is made.  They use high quality grapes from premium, dry-growth South Australian vineyards,without the use of artificial sweetners or sugar. 

These wines have been thru the fermentation process and at some point, have included alcohol and have then had the alcohol removed.  There are 2 ways of removing the alcohol – vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis. 

Alcohol free wine has approximately half the calories of regular wine and Plus & Minus wines also have the added benefit of extra antioxidants from the added grapeseed extract  which help fight free radical damage. 

How does dealcoholized wine taste? Many lovers of wine may initially struggle with the difference because alcohol contributes significantly to the body, bouquet, and flavour of wines, both red and white.

In wine, the aromas and flavours are transmitted from the surface of the wine through the evaporation of the alcohol. If there isn’t alcohol in the wine, this can’t happen, which impacts the flavour of the wine.

The white dealcoholized wines are a little closer to their fully alcoholized cousins, but if you love a big, full-bodied Shiraz, it may take some time to get used to the lighter flavour of the de-alcoholized wine.

It doesn't taste like grape juice , a dealcoholized red wine still has a hint of the tannins, and it isn't as sweet as plain juice.  De-alcoholised wine is different to grape juice as grape juice has never included alcohol and is just crushed grapes, it does not go thru the fermentation process.

De-alcoholised wines are a little bit different to standard wines and give you another option and who doesn't love lots of options, you may even really enjoy it!


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